SBO Multipath V.3

The last word in Bandwidth Optimization

SBO Multipath is the most powerful Bandwidth Optimization solution for VoIP Termination businesses. It has all the features to reduce bandwidth usage, improve performance and secure the network. Redesigned in V.3, SBO Multipath now made it possible to use multiple internet connection and use them seamlessly as one connection.

Use multiple internet connection

Stack bandwidth of multiple connection to use as one

SBO brings its Multipath module in V.3 which can stack bandwidth of multiple internet connections and use seamlessly as a single connection. And most amazingly, it can bond any kind of internet connections together i.e. ADSL through LAN port, GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi / Wi-Max through USB, and it can do that for any number of connection a server can take.

This feature provides following benefits -

  • Lifts the limitation of bandwidth per connection, so users can stack as many connections as they need to achieve the total bandwidth required.
  • Seamless redundancy for internet connection, so if any connection interrupts, others will work and keep the service up and running.
  • Maintains Quality of Service (QoS) based on statistics and does automatic load balancing among available network connections depending on the available bandwidth with quality.
  • Manage network congestion with its unique congestion management system so there is no lag in voice and customers enjoy superior voice quality.
  • Increase overall performance by reducing disturbance on internet connection and making it highly available. It increases profitability of the business by reducing downtime for internet connection.
  • Makes it feasible to setup termination business where it was not possible previously.

Reduce bandwidth consumption up to 80%

Save big in opex, increase the capacity by 5 times

SBO uses its propreitary encryption and compression technology to reduce bandwidth usage up to 80% depending on the codec used. And it does this optimization without impacting the voice quality at all. Thats the magic.

Every VoIP call has generally two parts - voice data (payload, which is already compressed with codec) and protocol (i.e. SIP, RTP) headers. Since the voice data part is already compressed with codec, if it is more compressed, it looses quality to significant extent and overall performance goes down. So, SBO doesn't do that to ensure superior voice quality provided by the codec itself. SBO doesnt use SIP or RTP protocol, rather it uses its SBO protocol which works with minimum overhead and can reduce bandwidth usage used by SIP & RTP, which is very high compared to voice data it transfers. Another way to reduce bandwidth is by multiplexing. SBO protocol supports multiplexing and when number of call increases, bandwidth usage goes further down. Depending on the codec used, and status of silence suppression, bandwidth reduction varies.

Give your network the security it needs

Save your network from sniffing, hacking & firewalls

SBO protocol uses binary encryption, so it is almost impossible to sniff around and hack communication by SBO protocol. We have implimented atrificial intellegence on it so it can detect firewall and automatically decide how to bypass it. It can run both in TCP and UDP and switch mode on the fly. SBO is powered with all the features you need to protect your network from sniffing, hacking and firewalls.

Your routes are the best one

SBO gives the performance your carrier likes

Better performance means better satisfaction of customers which turns into better profitability. By managing various aspects of performance i.e. multiple internet connections, congestion management, network load balancing and failover, lossless compression, multiplexing, network security and many others - SBO provides premium qulality of service which is capable of impacting average call duration by up to 2 minutes (depending on the destination and circumstances). And increased ACD definitely converts to more business.

Never say 'no'

SBO is compatible with any softswitch and gateway

Interoperability is a must in VoIP business. because carriers uses so many different softswitches and if the termination equipment doesn't work with the carrier softswitch properly, the business will not work. SBO is a 'point-to-point' technology which requires a pair of softwares implemented; one in the equipment side which we call SBO CPE Software, and another at data center which we call SBO Manager (a SyncSwitch partition, which is a full featured softswitch and billing manager).

Calls are transmitted between SBO CPE and SBO manager with SBO protocol. But from SBO manager to carrier softswitch it operates with standard SIP protocol which is available in any modern age softswitch. As well as it supports all widely used codecs i.e. G.711, G.729, G.723, AMR, GSM etc.

On the CPE end, SBO communicates with the gateway with standard SIP which is available on all modern gateway equipments and supports above mentioned codecs. So it works just fine. So, SBO is fully compatible with any technology available in the marketplace.

Every SBO comes up with a FREE SyncSwitch

Manage your business like a pro without paying extra for a switch

For doing VoIP termination business, a softswitch is a must. A softswitch gives the flexibility of adding multiple customers to the route which ensures maximum utilization of the capacity, monitoring performance and various reports debug problems and understand the situation of business, billing features gives the flexibility to check with carriers billing so any dispute can be settled, intellegent routing gives the flexibility to maintain multiple gateway and distributing calls among them.

Each SBO subscription comes up with a FREE SyncSwitch partition, which works as SBO manager and is a full featured softswitch and billing manager. It gives tons of feature and flexibility to the business which is unparalleled in the market place.

Donwload, burn, and run - it's that simple

Plug-n-play solution with minimum installation & configuration

We provide SBO as "Software as a service (SaaS)" model. So everything is preinstalled. Customers can download the bootable SBO ISO of CPE Software from our website, burn it in USB Memory drive or CD and run it in any computer. And the computer doesn't need any hard disk even. It's so simple.

Champion Customer Support

Dedicated online customer care, absolutely FREE, always

We understand that our customers deserve the best care. Our customer care includes agents as much as 12 years of experience in the related field. They try to understand the problem and solve them empathetically. They can help our customers about anything they need related to our products and service.

Everything of this comes with a very competitive rate

We are reasonable in pricing, SBO pays off for its charge

All of these features and services mentioned above comes in a very reasonable price. When all other services increase the cost of doing business, SBO is a service-of-a-kind which reduces the cost of doing business. SBO just takes a share of the money it saves for you.

Who needs SBO?

Business models that SBO can facilitate

SBO is a point-to-point technology which can provide all the facilities between two places transmitting VoIP traffic. And it gives a lot of local benefits for termination businesses such as multiple internet connection, working behind NAT and Firewalls, using any type of internet connection i.e. ADSL, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX etc. So, whoever has requirement for reducing bandwidth utilization, securing the communication, improving the performance of the VoIP traffic, they need SBO.

SBO can be used by VoIP Termination businesses, termination through E1 or STM-n connectivity, call origination businesses such as call shops, call centers, wholesale VoIP operators who has multiple point of presence (PoP) and whoever else thinks that they need this service.