Frequently Asked Questions About SBO

How SBO provides superior voice quality?

SBO Solution provides superior voice quality compared to other solutions. Router’s Quality of Service settings provides lower priority for voice packets. Meanwhile data packets get highest priority. SBO appears to the router as data packet, not voice. Hence it achieves priority on routers. SBO screens the voice packets as data packets and accomplishes this. Thus, even with public internet SBO¬†provides superior voice quality.

SBO transmits 80-84% less data and thus reduces network load. Even if the network is congested SBO loses less data and provides superior voice quality.¬†SBO’s congestion management system is capable of achieving priority on routers on congested networks as well. SBO uses proprietary congestion management technology inbuilt in Synchronous Communication Protocol (SCP) which can efficiently manage congested networks by creating TCP tunnels.This feature allows SBO to be ahead of others and get extra bandwidth allocation. This is how SBO achieves superior voice quality.