How can SBO reduce VoIP operating cost?

SBO follows two different methods to reduce VoIP operating cost. Firstly, by reducing internet consumption directly by about 80%. This ensures the expenditure on bandwidth for your business is reduced. Therefore, this proportionately helps to reduce VoIP operating cost. Secondly, by allowing VoIP business to run with low cost shared or public internet connection. Similarly, this can also reduce VoIP operating cost.

The SBO Multipath feature also helps. By using SBO Multipath feature, a user can use more than one internet connection in a single PC/server. This means you can use as many internet connections as you want seamlessly. However, finally the SBO Multipath generates a single high bandwidth connection. So, there’s a chance to use more capacity in a single PC. Hence, it can save you from buying additional PC or settings. This also helps to reduce VoIP operating cost.

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