What are the prerequisites for SBO Multipath V.4 installation?

To install SBO Multipath V.4, you will require following prerequisites: –

  • A PC/Server on which SBO Multipath V.4 will be run
  • A USB drive
  • Internet connections

Based on prerequisites, a server/personal computer needs to be strong enough to handle the desired number of calls. Please consider following configuration Server/PC for 320 (10 E1) concurrency handling capacity. You can upgrade or downgrade configuration as per capacity desired from the system.

  • Motherboard:Needs to have a USB bootable option available. We can check it from BIOS. If Multipath feature (multiple internet bonding) is going to be used in this PC, we prefer as many USB ports as possible on the motherboard, so a higher number of USB Modems (wi-max, 3G/4G etc.) can be plugged.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher.
  • RAM:Minimum 4GB RAM is recommended.
  • NIC (LAN Interface):A good and well tested branded 10/100 NIC/LAN Card.
  • Hard Disk:If you run from USB drive, server does not need to have any hard disk. Otherwise a hard disk is required with any capacity.
  • Operating System:To run SBO multipath V.4, we do not need any operating system.
  • Monitor:Monitor is required for installation, troubleshooting and other support purposes.
  • Network Switch:A good quality network switch is required to connect with the internet if you are going to use broadband internet and or you have multiple gateway devices.
  • LAN Cables:Like LAN Card and Network Switch, LAN Cables are also very important. Wrongly crimped cable causes faulty networking and results bad and low performance. Cat 6 cables with RJ45 connector are fine for LAN cables.
  • USB Drive:A USB flash drive is needed with a minimum 8 GB of data capacity.
  • Internet Connections:You can use any type of internet connection i.e. 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, WiMax, Wi-Fi, ADSL, DSL, VSAT etc. SBO Multipath V.4 can support as many connections as the system supports.

If we have all mentioned above prerequisites handy, we are ready to go to next step.


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