What is the function of Setting icon in SBO tab?

The last icon on the SBO management panel is the Setting icon. With this option you can add gateways under this SBO, update the package, see the previous history as well as all transactions related to this SBO.

Settings Icon 1

Click on the setting. You will be redirected to a page like below. On top of the page, there are 4 options - GATEWAYS, DETAILS, HISTORY and TRANSACTIONS.

  1. 1. GATEWAYS:

By default, this page opens to the GATEWAYS tab. You can add gateways from here. For your convenience, we have another article How to manage gateways from MyPortal Account?. Feel free to check the writing.

  1. 2. DETAILS:

Next tab is DETAILS. After clicking this, a page like below will open where detailed information of this specific product as well as the package is displayed.

Settings Icon 2

At the bottom of the page, there are 2 buttons, DEACTIVATE and MIGRATE. If you want to deactivate your package, click on the DEACTIVATE button. You will need to follow some steps to completely deactivate the package. And if you want to upgrade or downgrade your current package, click on the MIGRATE button. You will be given options to choose and complete the migration process. We have guides for Deactivation and Migration of SBO packages. Please go through the writings if you feel the necessity. If you make any changes, the active product and package details will be shown in the Product Details and Purchased Package boxes.

  1. 3. HISTORY:

There is another tab named HISTORY besides the DETAILS tab. From MyPortal, users can subscribe to any product that is suitable to them as well as can manage and update their subscribed product. All of these activities are kept recorded under this HISTORY tab of respective packages.

Settings Icon 3

Click on HISTORY. This will lead you to a page from where you can see your active plan as well as any previous plans if there has been any change from the first subscription date.

The Active Plan box shows the currently running package with its name, subscription date and time, capacity, validity and status.

The Previous Plans box shows the history of this SBO. All changes from upgrade, downgrade or reactivation will be listed here. Status of these packages are Inactive.


The last tab is TRANSACTIONS. Click on this. All financial transactions will be listed here. From this page you will get a clear picture of what changes had occurred for this SBO from the initial subscription date to the current date.

Settings Icon 4

Here, you can see the invoice number, date and time, type of the activities and amount. With this feature, transactions remain transparent in MyPortal.

MyPortal has enabled its users to do almost everything from subscribing to managing and monitoring every subscribed SBO from one single site. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance to configure or manage your SBOs.


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