How to deactivate SBO service?

My Portal is an interactive platform with a fully automated deactivation process. SBO services can be easily deactivated using MyPortal whenever you need to. You can do this even on the go using GetSBO app which is both Android and IOS platform supported.

Please follow the simple steps described here on this article to deactivate your subscribed SBO package.

First, log in to your MyPortal account and click on the Menu button, on the upper left corner, and then click on the SBO option from the menu.

SBO Deactivation Process 1

It will open up with a page like the image below. Here, you can find the list of your all SBO package(s). On the right side of each SBO, there are 3 icons. Please choose which SBO, you want to deactivate. Click on the blue gear icon/Setting icon of that SBO package

SBO Deactivation Process 2

Here, another page will open up like below. Please click on the Details option.

SBO Deactivation Process 3

Go on by clicking the Deactivate option.

SBO Deactivation Process 4

This will take you to a new page like the image below, where you will be given options when to deactivate your running SBO package and why.

First box, named Request Type, is to define when this deactivation will be effective. There are 2 options -

1. End of Validity - it means this SBO package will be active or remain working till the expiration date of that SBO package. At the end of the validity period of the running SBO package, this will be deactivated automatically.

2. Immediate - it means this deactivation will be effective immediately. And a refund invoice will be generated. Refund amount, if any, will be adjusted to the wallet.

The second box, titled Reason for Deactivation, is also a mandatory field. We request you to write the actual cause of deactivation. It is also necessary for your service security.

Select and enter which is appropriate for you.

SBO Deactivation Process 5

Then click on Request To Deactivate.

SBO Deactivation Process 6

Now a page will open up like the image below. Click on the Confirm button, if you really want to deactivate.

SBO Deactivation Process 7

Now, you will get a message of successful deactivation. Your deactivated SBO will show its license status as inactive in your subscribed SBO list under SBO option of My Portal Menu. Your refund amount will be adjusted, if there is any, to your MyWallet and you can use that balance later to purchase any available products.

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